The Donovan Heat Treating Company, Inc. is a Provider of Commercial Heat Treating & Sand Blasting Services

Donovan's metallurgical experts provide timely heat treating and abrasive blasting services including: hardening, annealing & stress relieving services for aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, beryllium & other metals. Types of blasting include: brush-off, commercial, near white & white blast per SSPC specification. Donovan specializes in large and extra-large capacity jobs up to 41' and 40,000 lbs. per piece / 200,000 lbs. per load; smaller furnaces also

Industries Served:

  • Steel Mills & Warehouses
  • Foundry & Forge Shops
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Aerospace
  • Energy / Nuclear
  • Other Manufacturing
Normalize & Normalize TemperingNormalize &
Quench & TemperingQuench & Tempering
Homogenizing TreatmentHomogenizing Treatment
Annealing & Solution AnnealingAnnealing & Solution
Hardening & Stress Relieving & Stress AnnealingHardening & Stress
Relieving & Stress
Precipitation Age HardeningPrecipitation
Age Hardening

Sand Blasting Services

Brush Off SP-7Brush Off SP-7
  • Blast cleaning of all except tightly adhering residues of mill scale, rust and coatings, exposing numerous evenly distributed flecks of underlying metal.
Commercial Blasting SP-6Commercial Blasting SP-6
  • Blast cleaning until at least two- thirds of each element of surface area is free of all visible residues.
Near White SP-10 & White Blast SP-5Near White SP-10 & White Blast SP-5
  • Sp-10: Cleaning nearly to White Metal cleanliness, at least 95% is free of all residues.
  • SP-5: Removal of all visible rust, mil scale, paint and foreign matter.
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